A short note about rtnl IPv6 address configuration

I had a problem with RTNetlink (rtnl) address configuration on Linux. The effect of the NEWADDR command was realized only a few seconds later than the rtnl_talk() returned. Here is why...

The RTM_NEWADDR command returns before the new address is ready. I have a rtnl event listener too, and the NEWADDR notification came a little bit later. It caused, that I couldn't send my packet, which is originated from the new address.

The rtnl_talk returns, when the kernel started the DAD (Duplicate Address Detection) process, but the new address is not ready at this time. It will be ready only if the DAD process succeeded.

Unfortunately I need to wait for the NEWADDR notification from the kernel to be sure, that the address is ready to use.


ghetto-r1shu said...

There are options to bypass this problem, Search for IFF_NO_DAD or make dad_attempts to zero !

Wakoond said...

Yes, I know, but I need DAD, and I would like let the kernel to do it.

nguyenhuong said...

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