mip6d Linux environment

Sometimes I have to check some details, for example in the routing tables on the Home Agent or on the Mobile Router. In this case I always had to start my test environment, and lookup the tables.

Now I made a simple dump about the most important things:

  • Interfaces, and their addresses
  • IPv6 rules
  • Routing tables
  • XFRM policies and SAs
I used mip6d with NEMO and MCoA without security. One Mobile Router has connected to the Home Agent with two Care-of Addresses. A detailed summary is available below. I replaced the addresses and prefixes with a sort note. The original (raw) file is available here.


Tamás Roncsák said...

Dear Wakoond,
did you had to use radvd?
My mobility (mip6d) always starts as Home Agent however I'd like to use it as Mobile Router. I've found the config file (/var/etc/mip6d.conf) but I can't rewrite that because something else changes it back to the original state.

Wakoond said...

Dear Tamás,

On the Home Agent, radvd should to advertise the Home Prefix on the Home Link. On the Mobile Node, it is necessary only in NEMO CASE. If NEMO is enabled, the Mobile Router advertises the Mobile Network Prefix to the Mobile Network Nodes.

Which environment/system do you use? The /var/etc/mip6d.conf seems to be a generated file. You should to locate the template, which is used to generated this one.

Tamás Roncsák said...

Dear Wakoond,

I am using multiple openwrt for that. Home Agent is provided by 3rd party (tunneling), and my first node connect to that HA. It works fine. However another node is connected to my first node and I'd like to configure that as a Mobile Router but it starts as a Home Agent.
My second node is connected to HA via my first node.

I did not find much information about NEMO settings on pages of openwrt.

Wakoond said...

Dear Tamás,

Without the details of your system/environment, I could not help to you. As far as I know, mip6d isn't supported by OpenWRT. If you would like to continue this discussion more detailed, please send me the configuration files, and logs from each nodes (HA, MR, MNN, ..) to the wakoond wakoond hu e-mail address.

Gaurav Gupta said...

I want to setup a MIPv6 testbed can u help me in that.

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