A short note about rtnl IPv6 address configuration

I had a problem with RTNetlink (rtnl) address configuration on Linux. The effect of the NEWADDR command was realized only a few seconds later than the rtnl_talk() returned. Here is why...


Serial terminal interface for Unix/Linux systems

I have used serial terminal interfaces for communication for a while. For message generation and parsing I have used the previously introduced sercomm solution. For testing on Linux systems, I have used the following stuff.


Serial communication v0.4

I have used serial message generating and parsing solutions for a while. I implemented it on many ways before, but a few years ago I have written an universal one.

My colleagues and I have used this stuff in many projects. It works on Linux and in embedded systems (i.e., ATMEGA8).


Message corruption with hao and route2 XFRM rules [SOLVED]

I had some serious problems with destination option XFRM processing on newer Linux kernels (3.3 and 3.4). The sent Binding Update (BU) message was corrupt, because the Destination Option header overwrote the beginning of the MH part.


Linux C: page aligned buffer

I had to allocate a page-aligned buffer.

Valgrind and pthread leakage

While testing the binaries with valgrind, which use the pthread library, the results usually contains several  possible leak sections, which are raised inside the pthread library.

Autotools tutorial

I'm working on a new project, and I wanted to use autoconf, automake, libtool utilities for compiling and installing it.

I have found an excellent autotools tutorial here:


Linux C: Suppress stderr

I had to suppress the standard error output for a while. An external library wrote to it, and I wanted to hide that.

The following code snippets introduces this:


MIPv6 Packet Flows - 2.0

A major update of MIPv6 Packet Flows document has been created.

New MIPv6 related protocol descriptions has been included: Hierarchical Mobile IPv6, Enhanced Route Optimization, HA Reliability Protocol (I-D), Global HA-HA (I-D)

It is available here: http://www.wakoond.hu/2011/08/mipv6-packet-flows.html


mip6d Linux environment

Sometimes I have to check some details, for example in the routing tables on the Home Agent or on the Mobile Router. In this case I always had to start my test environment, and lookup the tables.

Now I made a simple dump about the most important things:


OpenWRT L2TP/IPsec server

I would like to setup a VPN server for my home NAS. I would like to connect to it from my MacBook and my Android phone out-of-box. I have decided to use L2TP with IPsec. I had an old, unused Fonera 2.0.

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