Linux kernel debug - Eclipse

I have needed to establish a comfortable Linux kernel debugging environment. I chose Eclipse for it. My host operating system is Mac OS X, I'm developing in a virtual Linux computer. It made this quite tricky. The following image shows the development and debugging environment:


Policy Routing: dst_entry Lookup in Linux kernel

Previously I examined IPv6 packet flow in Linux kernel for MIPv6 signaling and data communication. Later, I had to focus to policy routing. I need to find the way, how dst_entry have looked up. The following graph shows how works Policy routing in Linux kernel.

IPv6 Packet Flow in Linux Kernel

I'm working on the current issues of Mobile IPv6 implementation on Linux. I had to map the IPv6 packet flow in kernel for outbound and inbound direction. The following graph introduces the most important steps of processing of IPv6 packets. Additionally it contains the MIPv6 signaling and data packets journey from the application level to Layer 2.


Mobile IPv6 & IPsec Packet Generation

The following document shows how MIPv6 defines the mechanism of package generation. Where the IPsec engine includes the necessary security associations while generating the packet, and where it verify it while parsing.

MIPv6 Packet Flows

I started to work on Mobile IPv6 protocol analysis as a member of the European ITSSv6 (IPv6 ITS Station Stack for Cooperative ITS FOTs) project. I have analyzed the data and signal packets of Mobile IPv6 RFCs. This document contains all of the most important packages. I tried to focus to the must have parts of the each packages, but I added the required paddings as well.

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