Asana Daily Tasks: Dashboard Widget

I have created a very simple Dashboard Widget to display my Asana tasks, scheduled for today.


Subversion issue with luci on Ubuntu 13.04

luci trunk couldn't be checked out with subversion on Ubuntu 13.04.

Using git with https client certificate

How to clone a git repository over client certificate authenticated https protocol.

This guide sets the local git configuration instead of the global one.


Geonetworking dissectors: Ubuntu and Wireshark 1.10

The following HOWTO describes the compiling of Geonetworking dissector plugins for Wireshark 1.10 on Ubuntu. I ported the dissectors of AMB Consulting, which are available here (with GPL license). A HOWTO of plugin development and integration into wireshark is available here.


Using UCI on Ubuntu

The following HOWTO introduces the building of UCI (Unified Configuration Interface) on Ubuntu.


MCoA dissector in Wireshark

I have added MCoA support to Wireshark. I have patched the latest stable version (1.8.6) of Wireshark, and I have tested it on Ubuntu Linux.


A short note about rtnl IPv6 address configuration

I had a problem with RTNetlink (rtnl) address configuration on Linux. The effect of the NEWADDR command was realized only a few seconds later than the rtnl_talk() returned. Here is why...


Serial terminal interface for Unix/Linux systems

I have used serial terminal interfaces for communication for a while. For message generation and parsing I have used the previously introduced sercomm solution. For testing on Linux systems, I have used the following stuff.


Serial communication v0.4

I have used serial message generating and parsing solutions for a while. I implemented it on many ways before, but a few years ago I have written an universal one.

My colleagues and I have used this stuff in many projects. It works on Linux and in embedded systems (i.e., ATMEGA8).


Message corruption with hao and route2 XFRM rules [SOLVED]

I had some serious problems with destination option XFRM processing on newer Linux kernels (3.3 and 3.4). The sent Binding Update (BU) message was corrupt, because the Destination Option header overwrote the beginning of the MH part.

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